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How to Measure your Dog

We have asked you for two numbers that will help us get the best fitting cape or vest.

The most important is the girth measurement.   It is also important to get an approximate weight of your dog.

GIRTH–to get a measurement you can use a tape measure or use a piece of string ( then measure the piece of string)


-measure around the largest part of the dogs chest (just behind his front legs)


-pick the best size range for your dog leaving a little adjustment room.

Cape/Vest sizing-the actual size of the cape over the back and shoulders is in the size designation.  So a  M-18 is always Medium 26-32 and the 18 means  the cape material is 18” long (left side to right side).  This may be confusing to some and helpful to others.

If you do have concerns about the measurement of your dog


– Please contact us for assistance

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