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About Us

I am pleased to be able to offer many of the items in these pages for the first time. I worked for a premier Assistance Dog Org. (Paws With A Cause) for 20 years. In that time I received my Assistance Dog Training Certification, got to oversee a dedicated bunch of Foster puppy raisers, work in the field with new teams, and head up the first R&D department dedicated to designing, creating, and producing specialized pieces of equipment. Many of the pieces were one of a kind, tailored to a particular dog/person (team). Also during that time we found that many pieces of equipment would work for many other teams, these pieces have become industry standards and are still in use today. Many of these pieces of equipment were debuted at the 2003 ADI conference in San Antonio TX.

Several additional pieces have been created since that time and hopefully I will be able to add them to our available equipment list in the months to come. The response to these new products has been great so far from both individuals and organizations across the county.

I have also set up a Blog site that people can go to either to inquire about different pieces of service dog equipment or to post a solution to a particular issue they had with hopes that these tips shared will help someone else.

Thank You for visiting this site and please share it with someone you know.

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